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Welcome to Omaha- or rather, welcome to the Omaha orthodontists directory portion of our much larger directory. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and if not, check out our search bar, over to the left.

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The Highest Rated of the Orthodontists in Omaha, Nebraska Are…

Igel Orthodontics

We recommend Igel Orthodontists because they’ve been in business for awhile; they’ve got over 120 reviews and are open Monday through Thursday!

Omaha Orthodontics

Open during the whole business week, Omaha Orthodontics offers free consultations. They offer both Invisalign and braces and are highly rated, with nearly 300 Google reviews. Their satisfaction guarantee makes them my top choice in all of Omaha, NE.

Weber Orthodontics

Open Monday through Thursday, they may not be the most available, but their quality makes up for it! They have a perfect 5.0 star rating with nearly 200 Google reviews.

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P.S. Braces and retainers are important. Here’s why:

Why should you care about braces? Well to begin with, looks are important. Yes, what’s inside and your character matters, but you want to be able to smile with confidence. Straight teeth help a lot. It’ll boost your self-esteem (which has been proven in medical studies). You’ll be the best person in your Christmas and school photos, and overall, you will just look awesome. So Omaha NE orthodontics matter! I’d suggest braces or Invisalign, but there’s also (and sometimes with braces) retainers. Most often the your teeth with be moved with braces, and then kept in place with a retainer. Retainers are worn when you sleep, so they shouldn’t trouble you at all.