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Seder Orthodontics

Seder orthodontics is a very friendly place. They go to a great effort to make everyone of all ages feel comfortable. Their initial consultation covers all the bases, from x-rays to financial information to customizing you plan—and they leave time at the end to answer any and all questions you have. Seder orthodontics Lincoln Park is extremely open about the whole process, giving you an estimate of important dates and making clear all the whats, whys, and hows of braces and retainers. 

Windy City Orthodontists

Windy City Orthodontics is on the forefront of new innovations utilizing  technology such as Invisalign® clear aligners, In-Ovation® self-ligating appliances, Incognito™ custom lingual appliances, TADs for improved tooth control besides everything you'd expect from an old orthodontist. They're recommended because of the quality of staff—willing to make time for crazy schedules—and the thoroughness and organization of the process makes it feel extremely profession and gives you confidence.

Dr. Jones Ortho

Dr. Jones Orthodontics has an accessible building, near the CTA Brown & Purple lines, with a fluid schedule—something, the closer you look at orthodontist practices (especially in Lincoln Park) many businesses are lacking. They're also well-known for their customer service and the kindness of all their staff. They've been a team for many years, so the unity at Dr. Jones is said to be incredible. On another note, the practice has received a poor review complaining of expensive treatment; nothing you can't fix by asking.

The Importance of Braces

Why should you care about braces? Well to begin with, looks are important. You want to be able to smile with confidence. Straight teeth help a lot. It’ll boost your self-esteem (which has been proven in medical studies). You’ll be the best person in your Christmas and school photos, and overall, you will just look awesome. So orthodontics Lincoln Park matter! I’d suggest braces, but there's also (and sometimes with braces) retainers. Most often the your teeth with be moved with braces, and then kept in place with a retainer. Retainers are most often worn when you sleep, so they're less trouble than many would imagine—including me!